Sunday, September 2, 2007

selected projects 01

Portland | Varinthorn Christopher will be visiting an office building next to where she lives and tell them to turn their lights and computers off at night, and proceed to eat ice cream with some homeless people while not talking about being homeless.

Japan | Caitlin Stokes will hand out ee cummings poems in a grocery store.

Atlanta | Blake Williams will film a wedding rehearsal

New York | Anna Barnett will play her ukulele on a park bench- email us if you would like to join her

Transient | Kimberly Ellen Hall and her partner Justin will be on a plane while recording sounds and thinking about durational space.

Brooklyn | Bibi Calderaro will stand on a milkcrate reading Joseph Beauys. There will be a megaphone next to her that will not be used.

San Juan | Denise Santiago will hang out with stray dogs.

Bergen | Karl Eidelmen will hold a master class on starting rumors, and participants will start rumors throughout the town

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